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Share Your Magnificance


Training Takes A New Shape

Four months ago, I was a student back in the classroom for professional co-active coach training.   Logging in 116 hours of Coach Training, 11 hotel nights, 10 Amtrak train tickets from Philly to NYC Penn Station, 9 morning Central Park runs,  5 courses, plus connections and celebrations with new coaching friends.  What did I learn?  I discovered who I must be –


Training is foundational to any business.   But, if you want to create a business that’s rock solid – then first stretch your state of BEING.  Try calling forth your being (in the bones)  . . .

1.  Authenticity
2.  Aliveness
3.  Connection
4.  Fierce Courage

Where do you need to stretch to be?   What I know for sure is the world is waiting for your magnificence.  Why wait to share your brilliance?  Are you ready to – just be…..



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Is Your Business in Marathon Training?

Marathon Training 101

Training for a marathon is hard work – it requires a plan while demanding  more of your time, discipline, and personal commitment.   As a small business owner or fitness entrepreneur, you already have a mindset with the same attributes of determination.  But, are you training your business race like a marathon?

Fast Track Tips for Success

Get with a Group –  There’s loneliness at the top and it’s  no different than long distance running.  But being a member of a group, ensures consistency and accountability like nothing else.   If you want to improve performance and success, then join a group of like-minded people. 

Set Specific Goals – Whether your goal is to “win Boston” or “sell your business”, what’s important is the specificity of the goal.  Every season come up with specific, quantifiable goals.  Specific goals make it easier to create a strategy and training plan that results in success and tracks your progress.

Set Challenging Goals –  Better athletes and business owners set goals that make them stretch and have them try something they haven’t done before.  It’s all about elevating your expectations – so aim a little higher than might seem reasonable. 

Countdown to Chicago

In the weeks ahead, my marathon training  requires me to run several long distances of 18-20 miles – inspite of  hot weather conditions.  What’s your business requiring of you in the next 50 days?  Do you have specific and challenging goals? 

To get started –  implement your marathoner’s  mindset, then leverage its power and you’ll be on track towards exceeding  your expectations.


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