Share Your Magnificance


Training Takes A New Shape

Four months ago, I was a student back in the classroom for professional co-active coach training.   Logging in 116 hours of Coach Training, 11 hotel nights, 10 Amtrak train tickets from Philly to NYC Penn Station, 9 morning Central Park runs,  5 courses, plus connections and celebrations with new coaching friends.  What did I learn?  I discovered who I must be –


Training is foundational to any business.   But, if you want to create a business that’s rock solid – then first stretch your state of BEING.  Try calling forth your being (in the bones)  . . .

1.  Authenticity
2.  Aliveness
3.  Connection
4.  Fierce Courage

Where do you need to stretch to be?   What I know for sure is the world is waiting for your magnificence.  Why wait to share your brilliance?  Are you ready to – just be…..



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3 responses to “Share Your Magnificance

  1. I LOVE this. You have inspired me once again!

  2. janepollak

    Now that’s what I call stretching! I love how you’ve quantified what it takes to even get yourself to the place of training. It shows your commitment and hunger for what stretches you, Peg. It was an honor and an inspiration to watch your journey.

  3. Mary Alice Kirincic

    All the way from Croatia! WOW. Love this format and the addition of your personal story is brilliant, Peg. Keep it coming and we will all be beside you.

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