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What’s Holding You Back in Fitness Sales?

Selling health club memberships is easy!

Sales are easy –  you’ve set up business as a premier fitness facility, the marketing system generates leads, members give referrals and you’re selling memberships.  There’s nothing better than making sales.   And yet the lowest feeling comes when sales are slow.

Whether you’re a sales newbie or a veteran, what most fitness professionals do is hold back from leveraging their presence into their sales.

As Dan Schawbel mentions in his Generation Y personal branding book Me 2.0:

Personal branding is about unearthing what is true and unique about you and letting everyone know about it.

Trouble is, for a lot of people the ramifications of that statement are scary.  And in my own work, the critical piece that’s missing in health clubs  is the need to connect yourself and your personal brand with your prospects and members.

Your members want the real you (both brilliant & messy) and your connection – so start leveraging your personal brand.  Sales will be easy and your impact will be great.  So now…. why hold back?


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Why Our Health Clubs Matter

No matter what your opinions are about the state of health care, one thing is certain – the health club industry has the greatest opportunity to create change and transform the lives of Americans. 

What Health Clubs Must Do

Educate your community   about exercise, healthy activities and nutrition.   It’s the single most effective way to defeat the epidemic of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and conditions that lead to life-threatening diseases.  Do you know that we are spending 40 times more on the health risks of terrorism than on the health risks of obesity, which kills about 400,000 people a year? 

Create Physician Partnerships – that promote health and fitness practices to their patients.  These healthy habits can prevent serious, chronic disease.  Physicians need to focus on prevention as much as they are about disease management and crisis intervention.  How many physicians are active members at your local health club?

Joint Venture with Insurance Companies – can integrate personal training, nutritional coaching, and mind-body classes (available services at health clubs) as preventive health care to be covered by insurance.   Why do insurance compaines consider nutritional supplements, meditation, yoga, massage and other natural holistic therapies as “self-care luxuries” -vs- preventive measures to remain healthy?

Care for our Children –  encourage innovative ways for our children to start young with healthy habits of exercise, nutrition and diet.  It’s our responsiblity to communicate and educate this message to this generation.

The Future of Health Clubs

Health clubs can assist to reform the present health care system.  Clubs who consciously choose to –  focus on the member, identify the member’s exercise motivation and prescribe an exercise program which fulfills the member’s emotional, social and physical needs is as sustainable model that’s not competing on lowest price and shiny equipment.

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