What’s Holding You Back in Fitness Sales?

Selling health club memberships is easy!

Sales are easy –  you’ve set up business as a premier fitness facility, the marketing system generates leads, members give referrals and you’re selling memberships.  There’s nothing better than making sales.   And yet the lowest feeling comes when sales are slow.

Whether you’re a sales newbie or a veteran, what most fitness professionals do is hold back from leveraging their presence into their sales.

As Dan Schawbel mentions in his Generation Y personal branding book Me 2.0:

Personal branding is about unearthing what is true and unique about you and letting everyone know about it.

Trouble is, for a lot of people the ramifications of that statement are scary.  And in my own work, the critical piece that’s missing in health clubs  is the need to connect yourself and your personal brand with your prospects and members.

Your members want the real you (both brilliant & messy) and your connection – so start leveraging your personal brand.  Sales will be easy and your impact will be great.  So now…. why hold back?


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