What Motivates You?

What Drives You?

As a hospice volunteer, I visit with those who are at the end of life, provide respite care for families and advocate for better patient care.  It is during the quiet moments of connection such as holding a patient that the gift of “why I do what I do” is presented.   Serving others motivates me and fulfills my purpose – what about you?

Choices to Act

Sometimes there is no connection – a patient will refuse my visit or offer to help (such as the family can do it all on their own.)   A feeling of being stuck.   At that critical moment I choose my intention – “to be fearless with no regrets.”  Hospice care is about being with the patient and family – it’s not about success and failure.  Simply ” TO BE”  is the gift to give with no regrets.

Your Purpose?  

Coaching is about asking powerful questions which results in your autonomy of choices.  And it’s these choices that drive us to do what we do.  (Audio dan_pink_on_motivation.html)  What’s your purpose?  And are you being driven by the fear of failure or the fear of regrets?  I’d love to hear from you.






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