Chicago – a Marathon of Heart


Why matters of life and death are really matters of the heart.  We all experience difficulties in our life.  Our premise is that many of these circumstances are based upon our assumptions of hopelessness and the way things should be.

The Way Things Are

Do you simply accept that the way things are is the way things are?    The truth be told, most of us accept this attitude toward life.  Perhaps you are feeling like there is no apparent way to move forward.   What if you were being  present to the way things are?  – without any “should, would, could ofs.”   Imagine the possibilities.

Being  with the way things are calls for an expansion of ourselves.  And so ten days ago (after 16 weeks of training),  with freezing (30 degrees) temperatures, (age 51) I was running 26.2 miles amongst an elite crowd of 46,000 + runners (and unable to find my 4:00 pace team) throughout the friendly Chicago neighborhoods – that’s the way things are

And only days prior to the marathon, I shared openly my life to the world.  The painful feelings of a mother whose daughter had died.  This post expanded me more than what I thought possible.  Opportunities to continue my love and honor for  Jodi, for other’s compassion (and comments) and to fully embrace the painful and joyous signs of life.   

I crossed the finish line at 4:18 and immediately my eyes teared towards the blue sky with reverence and gratitude for Jodi – being with and in my life.  And then I searched the crowds only to receive a big embrace from my raving fan Jamie – one who continues to teach me matters of the heart.  I felt alive and am ready for the next step, wherever it may lead.

Now that’s more than a marathon – it’s being with the way things are.


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