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Attitude of “Can Do” is a Gift


Most of you know that this fall I ran two marathons within four weeks.  It was a personal goal of significance than just running.  Although what happens if life has you running more than marathons?

Marathons move you from stagnation to inspiration, from problem to solution, from feelings of self-pity to self-respect and from weakness to inner strength.  

Life is filled with the constant flow of ups and downs.   And what we have on our journey (or run)  is the choice to face what’s immediately in front of us. 

I believe only your chosen response can separate you from the next person.   We can choose to handle it to the best of our abilities and then move to the perspective of  “what can I do now.”   

The choice to make more than lemonade.

At a recent networking luncheon, Liz Scott spoke with love about her choices during her daughter’s terminal illness.  I was moved by young Alex’s vision and her parents inspirational can do attitude which has raised more than $30 million for childhood cancer – no small feat!

I am reminded that this couple’s chosen response moves them and others to give continuously – a gift to make life better for children with cancer.

This holiday season give more of what you can do and a little child will lead us.



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