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Your Dream Is What “You Can Do”

Why write my personal story? 

With all the hardship in our country and the world now, I believe that we are all searching for something more.  And I do not mean “more” in terms of stuff, but rather meaning, purpose, and inspiration to fully live – no matter what challenges come before us.

And with the encouragement by so many…. I am taking the risk to go out and express my dream –  to live fully!    I intend for “Letters to Jodi”  to inspire your heart in away that pulls for your fullest potential. 

The journey begins from Jodi’s yearbook page – these words are from John Wooden.  The quote quickly transformed as our mantra – no matter what challenge came before us.  What about you?

Do not let what you can not do interfere with what you can do.   



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Life’s Love & Loss with “Letters to Jodi”


 Many have asked me, “what will you do now?  How do you do it?  And will you share your personal experience to the world?”   (photo – May, 2002  U.S.A. National Waterpolo Tournament, Salt Lake City)


Today is the fifth anniversary of my daughter Jodi’s passing.

And much of  January is spent reflecting on memories – my life with Jodi and now the years being without her. 

Two years ago, I wrote my personal vision in the form of a letter to Jodi.  It became a critical moment in my life – a chance to choose to live fully again.  I pondered the idea – to follow my dream, live my passions and to lead my life.

 What does it mean to live fully?  What really matters – especially now after experiencing such tragic loss?  Surely, I am not alone – but maybe I could share my story and the lessons from Jodi.  

Sharing my story is not enough. 

What if I committed to the lessons learned through our extraordinary journey of love and loss.  Would my impossible situation become a brilliant opportunity?  Maybe now is the right time because so many of us are suffering from loss – whether experienced by death of loved ones, jobs, relationships, money, health, homes, self-esteem and so much more.

We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.  –  Charles R. Swindoll

Motivated  from Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project, I am launching my blog to fulfill my dream – Letters to Jodi.

Dear Jodi,

I love this picture!  I remember how excited you were to be selected to play in the National Waterpolo tournament.   (To be the first female athlete from The Hill.)    You were following your dream.  The Northeast Zone team gave you an opportunity to grow as an athlete – the coaches, players and games were all played at the next level.    

I remember how much fun you had and especially the thrill in this photo – you standing on the high dive platform with the mountains behind you and your beautiful smile filled with happiness.   You were on top of the world!

Although the journey to get there required so much  from you – training, swim workouts, mental skills and missing your friend’s graduation were just a few.   You were living life’s truth – always do your best.  When we do our best, we  dismiss feelings of guilt, blame or regret.  We allow ourselves to be free – true to ourself.

And as I look at this photo – your smile reminds me of our final conversation with Dr. Chin.   We were facing the impossible – the final hours were approaching and when you asked, “is there anything more we can do?”  Instead of a “no,” he said, “Jodi – our lives are not measured by the number of years, but by the moments that take our breath away.” 

This photo and your spirit still take my breath away.






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