Enjoy What is Happening Right Now

Rusty Drowne –  enjoys playing games more than doing homework.

A Tip To Live Fully –  There is no time to miss anyone or anything because you are alive.  Enjoy what is happening now.   Can you?  

Dear Jodi,

Rusty has stayed with us since Sunday.   I can remember when you were his babysitter.  Although he’s now 10,  his energy can still leave you feeling exhausted even after a walk home from school.

We decided to go out for “chinese” last night as a special treat for Rusty.   We talked, laughed, ate chinese food even with ketchup,  sipped green tea  and shared our “fortunes” with one another – loving and living each “Rusty” moment fully.

My fortune cookie read, “Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well.”   

 I remembered vividly the early weeks of your diagnosis.   It was an unexpected life journey, which  required determination and guts  – and you were not afraid to play this game.    Instead, we  took on an attitude of “why not” and lived fully playing the cards we held very well.





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7 responses to “Enjoy What is Happening Right Now

  1. Starla J. King

    Peg, I’m not a Mom, and I’ve not faced the unfathomable loss you have… yet somehow your words touch me, make me think, encourage me.

    Thank you for sharing yourself and Jodi with us.

  2. Jean Rossell


    You continue to amaze me everyday – I love the “Rusty” story, especially after hearing a little bit about him yesterday.

    Keep writing and I’ll keep reading.


  3. Gretchen

    You can try to be the best parent , but life happens.My daughters were so lucky to be very attractive and intelligent. Both were attending IVY league colleges .But when our twin daughters were 19 years old one developed thryroid cancer and we realized that our daughter was addicted to Heroin. Events like this can tear a marriage apart. my husband and I , I think because we have the same values, handled it. We did not let the stress and how we individually handle own own stress tear us apart. When things go wrong, I blame it on myself and usually take it out on myself…which I realised would do no one any good at this time.
    We were there for our daughter with the cancer…took her to different specialists , so that she could decide what treatment she wanted. We did the best with the addicted daughter that we could.We attended group meetings with other parents going through the same anguish. From hearing how they were enabling their children…we decided to take another approach.We were able to find hospitals for both her (and her addicted husband .)
    But Every time they went through the programs they would relapse. Finally we said…you are always welcome back if you remain sober. We were riddled for 4 years with anxiety…knowing they could die.
    But both my daughter and her X husband ,with the help of medication were able to get sober…come home with us…finally get back on their feet.
    Both daugheter are now married, have earned master degrees ,and one is expecting a child. My husband and I were the lucky ones. I count my blessing everyday. And I feel so heavily when I learn about others losses. As my Mom had always said. Life is not fair. and Life is to short. My mom was right.

    • Peg Calvario

      Your love for your daughters has guided you to do “whatever it takes” and to “be” with them in the darkness of life’s challenges. Thank you for sharing your personal journey!

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