Celebrate Life Like You’re Five!

“Happy Birthday Lauren!”

Have you ever thought about the many gifts you receive in a day?  It occurred to me that we all have so much to celebrate.  But, why do we dismiss the opportunities for celebration?

Today is my niece Lauren’s fifth birthday.  So last night, we celebrated with a visit and brought Lauren a special  treat – delicious chocolate cupcakes with her favorite blue icing from the Saint Peters Bakery.    Lauren made sure to first savor every bite of chocolate cake and then enjoy the icing with every lick.   We laughed as she kissed her parents with her blue icing lips – smearing them with sugary giggles of celebration.  

Six days after Jodi died Lauren arrived.  She has told  me that Jodi is her guardian angel who watches and protects her.   I thank her for the thought.  But, most of all Lauren invites my soul to celebrate the gifts to live, love and laugh again.   A present worth celebrating!



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5 responses to “Celebrate Life Like You’re Five!

  1. It sounds like you have much to be grateful for. Blue icing and all! Children have a way of inviting us into simplicity that we so easily forget through our efforts to organize and maximize.

  2. A beautiful life to celebrate

  3. sueeck

    Happy Birthday to Fat Cat!

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