What Do You Love Most?

Dear Jodi,

This morning, I was out for a winter run with Fast Tracks.  Of course my enjoyment truly comes more from the connections you share with other runners than a 10 mile loop. 

Today was different.  Upon the finish, a marathon mom asked me a question – no one has ever asked before.  She asked me, “what is the very one thing you love most about her?”   “The very one  . . .”

A question so powerful that it took my breath away.  Our tearful eyes met and our hearts connected as mothers who love their children.  

And I said, “why it’s Jodi’s vibrant spirit.  That’s the one thing –  I love and miss very much.” 

I love  . . .  your smile, laughter, curiosity, athleticism, smarts, beauty, attitude, confidence, generosity, creativity, strength, work ethic, kindness, energy, guts, determination, style, compassion for others and courage.  I love your passion for life.  And your love for your brother, family and friends. 

But what I truly love is . . .  

I love that you’re my daughter!   




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