“If Only” Can Stop You from Living Your Life Fully

Dear Jodi,

I’ve been thinking a lot about these words – “if only.”  It seems like this phrase is being said all the time.  I’ve noticed it when talking with clients and friends.  “I’d be happier if only . . .”

And the problem?  I’ve been saying these words, too.   How can I possibly be living life fully – “if only” proceeds my intentions?   What’s really stopping me from appreciating life’s grandeur?

I started thinking about the weekend before your first surgery.  You were playing in Penn’s 2nd Annual West Philly Shoot-Out.  I remember how happy you were when Lawrenceville called asking you to be on their team.  What was more imaginable?  Being on the team of your high school arch rival or playing in a collegiate waterpolo tournament after four months of chemo?   You were defying the odds and shaking up PENN Medicine!

Then in August, you decided to pack this photo with your things for Michigan.  I remember our conversation and the paradox of this photo.  You were starting a new – and this photo held vivid memories of being a cancer patient including all its physical changes.  But you appreciated life’s gift in this photo. You told me why you were taking this photo.  You said, “when life seems impossible, I’ll be reminded that anything is possible.” 

And never did these words “if only” stop you from living your life fully.  I believe it’s time for me to do so too.




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One response to ““If Only” Can Stop You from Living Your Life Fully

  1. This was so beautifully written and it truly made me think that it’s time for me to stop saying “if only” as well. Thank you for the reminder to live in the now and appreciate everything I have.

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