Mothers and Fathers typically fall madly in Love with their Children


Mothers and fathers typically fall madly in love with their children. Often it is a love that transcends all other kinds of earthly love.
There is purity with it and an unconditional quality that is truly of the Soul and of God.
– John-Roger  When Are You Coming Home

A reader shared an extraordinary story with me.  She had a minor medical procedure which resulted in four and half years of being paralyzed.   During this time her mother lived and cared for her recovery everyday.  Her mother made her feel special, gave her a voice and  believed in her –  that she could do anything.  

She told me, walking and “wearing stilettos is a reminder of what I may not have enjoyed if I didn’t have someone who loved and believed in me.”   This is LOVE – that transcends all others.   Have you started living more fully?  Share your experience and you can inspire others. 


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