The Measure of Our Days

Dear Jodi,

How can we measure our life and live “one day at a time?”  We had heard this phrase so many times especially during your treatments.  And we felt little condolence for what we wanted – your future measured by the length of  years.

Was it possible to really live “one day at a time?”   Time was now measured by its sacristy and inequality – after all you were only 18.  But something happened within all of us.  What used to be urgent became not necessary, the relevant was irrelevant, and the impossible became the possible.  We were living in the paradox of  time – the here and now.

This truth gave us hope, strength and resilience to face the unknown future.   In the hours of your passing, I remember savoring the memories of the past 19 years.  We had lived within the depths of time and the abundance of love – moment to moment.  A truth that is measured by eternity.




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