Happiness is a State of Being

Dear Jodi,

Today is Grandmom’s birthday.  I’ve been thinking about what really makes her happy.  And I realized, external things do not make her happy, but rather her happiness comes from her own happy state of “Being Evelyn.”  

Your Grandmother makes herself happy because she makes other people happy.   And she makes other people happy because she is happy.  You and Grandmom shared this secret to living a rich life.   You – “Being Jodi” did and continues to make so many people happy. 

I can remember how happy she was when you were born.  She was happy to babysit you, sing songs to you, attend your school events, meet your friends, let you drive her car, celebrate birthdays, holidays and graduations with you, and even be with you during chemo and hospital visits. 

Your Grandmother is still living each day making others happy.  So it was only appropriate to celebrate her 81st birthday dinner with those whom she makes the happiest – her family.  And this time, we were happy “Being Evelyn,” too. 




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