Happiness is the Treasure of Friends


Dear Jodi,

We’re so grateful to have your friends, Katie and Anna in our lives.  Your brother is out with them tonight – and my heart is so happy. 

I know they love being all together – because you are ever-present in spirit with them.

Just the other day, I was visiting with a hospice client.  This work places me on the edges of death where the depths of real living occurs.   My client, who remains in bed, had an unexpected visit from a friend.   I was in awe as these two older women talked, laughed and hugged each other.  Love was present. 

I thought about when your friends would come to visit and how much you treasured their friendship.  Five years later, they are a part of our lives – this is real love.  And they each bring us happiness measured in kindness, laughter and even heart-felt tears – which I am in awe of gratitude.





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4 responses to “Happiness is the Treasure of Friends

  1. Peg, in reading your recent blogs, they remind me of my time spent last week focusing on the “why” I am living every day and working toward my goals. And your words remind me that the “why” – the love for my family and a better life for all – is always, always with me; it never has to feel like it leaves me. That love is with me and can be felt in every moment. Thank you!

    • Peg Calvario

      You have captured the essence of these letters beautifully – love.
      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.


  2. Erica Springer

    “This work places me on the edges of death where the depths of real living occurs.” What a beautiful appreciation for life and love!

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