“May you live every day of your life.”

“May you live every day of your life.”  — Jonathan Swift

Have you started living every day of your life?   I’m now reading  Eugene O’Kelly’s memoir, Chasing Daylight.  His message is beautiful – “seize the day.”    Please share your “carpe diem” experience with a comment or email me peg.calvario [at] gmail.[com].



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5 responses to ““May you live every day of your life.”

  1. Laura Spencer

    With a day like today’s beautiful weather, Sieze the Day was easy! Had a wonderful swim today, great networking event and time with a friend and now dinner with my daughter….wonderful!

  2. Starla J. King

    Love this question, Peg… and that it made me stop and pay attention to the really good stuff of life!

    I’m seizing every happy moment right now — Spring has always (as long as I can remember) been a time of emotional struggle for me (depression stuff)… (see http://starlajking.wordpress.com/2009/03/23/ah-spring/). I’m typically nervous about when the
    happy will turn to darkness, struggling against the “expectation” of high energy that comes with Spring, etc.

    This year though is different. Because of a LOT of internal work over the past year (Big Fish!), I’ve broken free of that Spring depression chain. I’m able to trust the happiness and just experience it without fear. So this year, I’m seizing Spring and every Spring moment.


  3. thuy

    Dear Peg,
    Thank you for this question. It made me think of something I heard a while back about consciousness…consciousness is our responsibility to ourselves, and it should be a full time job. I think it was Caroline Myss who said it, except she said it so much more eloquently and more convincingly. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    With warm regards and gratitude,

  4. Today I’m finishing up my newsletter which asks the question, “Are You a Hero?”

    We know that answer, don’t we, Peg?

    • Peg Calvario

      Love your definiation of “Hero.” Although, it’s easy to see the hero in others versus the hero within ourselves.

      But, you dear MJ, provide meaning and hope for all mothers that every day matters. Only a hero’s gift!

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