A Hero Travels the Hero’s Journey

Dear Jodi,

Throughout the years, I have been blessed with wonderful friends.  MJ is one who shares “loss” – our daughters.   She’s a talented writer and sent me  HERO – I want to share it with you, my hero.

“A hero travels the hero’s journey.  That’s when regular people such as you or me are asked to leave our routine life because something serious has occurred and we are asked to do something about it. 

We are “called to help.” We are called to save our king, our country, our friend, or ourself.  And because the task is arduous, we really don’t want to accept it. 

Once we fully face the seriousness of our challenge, we realize that nothing in our life will ever be the same.”

Although life will never be the same – the journey is leading me to live every day of my life.  Carpe Diem!




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