Why Is Having Fun a Challenge?

 Dear Jodi,

Why, I often wonder, is it so hard to know what I find fun?   I think it’s simply easier to “be myself” but it’s a constant challenge to have fun.  

I know many people have difficulty identifying what they like to do, for work and fun.  But that wasn’t true for you.  You had an ability to intertwine fun with your work – academics, sports, relationships, your life and even cancer – easily.  You were “being Jodi.”

So, I’ve been thinking that to have more fun in my life – I simply have to “be myself” and intend for fun.  Is fun more about the state of “being” and less about the activity of “doing?” 

I started thinking about how much fun you gave to others.  And even during times in the hospital, you created these moments of fun for nurses, physicians, patients and your visitors by simply “being Jodi.” 

Well, I found this photo – a reminder to lighten up and have more fun.  And with your encouragement, my intention to have more fun will be easier – simply “being me.”





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10 responses to “Why Is Having Fun a Challenge?

  1. Great blog, Peg! Another fun photo of your wonderful daughter. Yes, be happy and fun will follow!

  2. Starla King always reminds me to “go be your beautiful self.” I tend to remember this in otherwise stressful situations and turn them into fun. But through your words Peg, I see that “go be your beautiful self” is for every moment. That in every moment we can be our beautiful, fun selves and highten the joy of any experience for everyone in an effortless way.

  3. Lisa Gettler

    i can’t believe you posted the spongebob picture of Jodi in her undies! Jodi at her best having fun! I miss her spirit & her ability to have fun with everyone & everything!

  4. Carter

    I love it and remember this well…I believe that was on my watch! This brought a smile to my face on a very tough day! I miss you!

  5. Katie Gossett

    Haha. Those were a impulse buy at the airport on my way to my grandmothers memorial service. I thought they were necessary for the two girls who loveeed sponge bob. Who would’ve thought this picture would make them ‘infamous.’ Thinking about this night just makes me laugh. Just like jodes always did.


  6. KAT

    I took this picture one night when Gossett had bequeathed “spongebob etc” to Jodi and Emily and they roaring into my room during study hall so I could take this picture. I think we took several to get the right one. This is my 4th form room in the background including my patchwork bed spread, beanbag chair (where Jodi came, sat, and talked about life. I remember one such conversation where Jodi said “stick with sports girls, that’s how you get into college” after receiving the good news about Michigan). This nonsense (taking pictures wearing spongebob) was what Jodine and Emiline would come up with when they were on duty as prefects. Just one example of how you can mix your job with fun.

    • Peg Calvario


      Thanks for sharing another fun moment in the eyes of those who knew Jodi.
      Glad we had a chance to connect. I’m hoping you will share more of those
      special moments!

      Mrs. C

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