Life is too Short to Be in a Hurry

Here’s a letter written by Jodi.  I found this note on 3/31/01 – tucked in my running shoe on the eve of my second marathon.   And saved it – neither one of us knew our future for the next 45 months.

As Thoreau says, “Life is too short to be in a hurry.” 


You have done so much for all of us.  You take care of your family more than you can imagine.  You strive to improve the club constantly. 

Now, tomorrow is your day to shine.  You’ve worked so hard to come this far now all you have to do is go to it.  We will love you no matter what. 

You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!  After the race you can add this to your many lists of accomplishments. 

Go to it Mom and ya know what . . . enjoy yourself! 

You are God’s perfect child.

Love always,


I’m so happy I didn’t throw out this note – it’s a gift telling me to slow down and enjoy.  Because if we are always on the go, we are reacting to the exigencies of day-to-day life rather than allowing ourselves the space to create a happy life. 

Isn’t it time you enjoyed the moments to create more happiness?



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4 responses to “Life is too Short to Be in a Hurry

  1. Erica Springer


  2. This comes just at the right time for me, and for many of us I’m sure. Here’s to living today!

  3. Michele

    Peg, this one really helped me today. Thanks for your inspiration.

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