The Spirit of Easter with a Letter to Jodi

Dear Jodi,

Is it possible to believe in God and have faith? I remember we would often ask each other that question.  Remember? 

Even during the most difficult of times, we did experience God’s presence.    We discovered that God was sending people to be with us – then and continues now.

Can you remember all of the people whom were sent?  That’s really all the people with whom you touched their lives and they touched yours.  I’ve thought about these connections and experiences – it’s the presence of Love.

And on this Easter – I’m in the presence of Love and do not try to explain my suffering nor even accept it.  Instead, I defiantly choose to go on living and “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.”   Now, that’s faith!

Happy Easter!



*Easter 1987, Jodi age 2.


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