Ordinary Moments with Jodi’s First Haircut

A great friend is a treasured gift – and that’s Jay.  Just the other night, we had takeout with him.  It was a chance for us to take care of Jay, as he had taken care of us.    

Jay’s been a friend and hairstylist for more than 25 years.  We have a friendship that’s rich with memories of Jodi’s lifetime – because Jay gave Jodi . . .  her first haircut, treated her “pool hair,” straighten her hair, styled for prom, shaved for chemo and gave her last haircut.   Ordinary moments that became extraordinary memories of happiness all because of Jay.

A simple truth –   “if we take care of the moments, the years take care of themselves.”  Can you live with these ordinary moments in your life?  Or can you not live to make these moments extraordinary?   I’d love to know . . .



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