“We should not just celebrate our birth, but each and every day.”

Dear Jodi,

Happy Birthday!  On your special day, you are pushing me to appreciate the meaning of “what is” – today.  Here’s what you wrote about birthdays . . .

“I believe that we should not just celebrate our birth, but each and every day.  We should celebrate each new and wonderful day that is given to us  . . . continue to live each day to the fullest.”

I know that I want to turn back time and savor the moments of your lifetime.  Memories of your arrival on April 13, 1985 at exactly 4:13 a.m., your first birthday, your many birthday parties including the mall scavenger hunt, your 15th birthday banner hanging in The Grille, your 16th birthday with Jay’s Subaru parked in the driveway, your 18th birthday with hopes of piercing your bellybutton and your 19th birthday with our first vacation “cancer free.”  Wonderful birthdays worth celebrating.

And today – 4/13/2010 will find me with Grandmom and Aunt Amy celebrating your life as if life was 25 years ago.    But what I know is – I can live with “what is,” but I can’t live without living today and each day to the fullest.    




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