Finding a Way to Live through Loss

Dear Jodi,

Just this month, my life has been deeply touched by your friends.  A couple of days ago, I met Dawn, her boyfriend and her mother for lunch.  An ordinary social activity for most.  But for me – this lunch was a special occasion.

We met at the Black Lab Bistro amidst busy lives and the gap in years since our last visit.  Although, you will always be nineteen, your friends have now reached another milestone – 25!  

Sitting at the table, I was happy listening to Dawn talk about their life together in Florida.   She even recalled an embarrassing moment during one of your parties (3rd form year) – your father duct taping all the boys zippers.  (His form of parental birth control.)

Reconnecting with your friends fills me with much happiness!  I also realize that my journey is still with moments of great sadness.  And somehow life  isn’t all about what happens to me as your mother, but it’s also about how those left behind survive their own sadness without you. 

I believe they are surviving – but there is sadness within the “Jodi moments” as they too find a way to live through it.





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2 responses to “Finding a Way to Live through Loss

  1. Laura Spencer

    wow another gut rencher. You are brave and beautiful writing these letters. It helps me to remember everyday how precious the time is with those we love.

    • Peg Calvario

      I so appreciate your comments, Laura! We learn so much about life, love and loss for many people. I believe it’s a choice to be grateful for the moments.

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