“What IF?” is more about “Why NOT?”

Dear Jodi,

It is often at this time of year that I ask the question, “What IF?”  It may pose an abstract question in context, but truly the answer lies within my personal transformation.

One of my secrets in coping is to co-create my world into our world.  I remember vividly moments of fear – times caught between life and death.  Now, I no longer question the “Why?” but embrace this experience of “What IF?” 

In talking more with others about my personal loss — I have transformed.  My soul is now a little more kinder, more loving,  and more compassionate.  The “What IF?” transformed my tragedy into an expansion of your beauty in spirit.

And tomorrow morning, your father and I will attend the 159th commencement of The Hill, to honor the recipient of your award.  And so it will be  — “What IF?” …  your legacy is named the only young woman award for outstanding leadership and high sportsmanship in competitive athletics forever?  As your mother, I say “Why Not?”




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