“The Measure of Life” as they knew Jodi

I don’t think Jodi knew how she would impact the lives of her family, friends, teachers, coaches and even casual acquaintances.   As her mother, I’m fascinated in the relationship of her life’s impact on those who knew Jodi.    

I have an idea, that if I am willing to spend time with a variety of people who knew Jodi maybe in the peeling of layers, her life will be revealed through ordinary moments as an individual who lives extraordinarily in the lives of others.   

So for starters,  I began re-reading a small stack of sympathy cards – all of which have been stored in a closet these past five years.  It was in the late evening, I discovered a note written by a neighbor –  our children lived quietly ordinary lives but Jodi’s death has revealed the extraordinary as they knew Jodi.   

I truly believe that a person is “measured” in life not by the accomplishments they have in ordinary life but in how they handle themselves in adversity.     

Jodi was a true “hero” in her leadership, optimism and determination!     

She loved life and because of her enthusiasm – she was in turn loved by many – and they as we are, honored to have known her.    

* “Lemonade Sale only $1 glass”  —  August, 1995.

*  If you knew Jodi, please share how your ordinary relationship transformed to become extraordinary.  Leave a comment or just email me at peg.calvario [at] gmail[.com]


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