Father’s Day Celebrates “A Daughter and Her Dad”


Dear Jodi,

It’s Father’s Day!  We shall celebrate Father’s Day in a way that honors and thanks him for being so important in our lives.  What I know for sure is that your Dad — was and is your biggest fan! 

His adoration for you started the moment you were born – and has never seized.   There were times during water polo games and swim meets, when he’d cheer, coach and even cry for your success.  He knew you were capable of so much more – in fact my Dad believed the same in me, too.

I have realized that you both shared a part of each other and rightfully are truly his daughter.  Let  me know if I missed anything .   .   .

Your natural athletic skills, talents and strengths.
Your competitive spirit.
Your relentless work ethic.
You put others before yourself.
Your trip to the Olympic Swimming Time Trials.
Your creativity for Halloween costumes.
Your love and knowledge for all sports including football.
Your dreams for college life in “The Big House.”
Your appetite for Philly Cheesesteaks, pizza, wings and The Sopranos.
Your sense of humor and love for practical jokes.
Your back aches and muscular strains from workouts.
Your chilling out time watching TV or floating in the pool.
Your love for a deep tissue massage.
Your humility to speak from your heart and not about your accomplishments.

And it was your Dad who – sat with you during chemo, carried you when you no longer had the strength, spent endlessly long days and nights with you in the hospital, tirelessly massaged your feet, and deeply cared  for you when his own heart was breaking.  And then on January 29th, 2005  he too had to face our hardest challenge and “give you back.”

What’s true even now is that your Dad  “never let the urgent get in the way of the important” — a beautiful way to live.




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One response to “Father’s Day Celebrates “A Daughter and Her Dad”

  1. Diane

    Beautifully written and said as always!! Know Jodi is celebrating Father’s Day with her dad today.



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