Happiness is a Driver’s License and More . . .

Dear Jodi,

June – the milestone month for you and your brother securing your driver’s license.  Remember the day . . .  you finally passed on June 13th, 2002.  You were so happy!  While Jamie got his five years ago today.

After many months of driving practice, lessons with the driving school instructor and two previous attempts with some very minor driving errors – you passed the test with new-found confidence!  Lots of perseverance, with some trials including the times you hit the curb, slightly tapped the fender and endless practicing of exit ramps – all in hopes of passing the test.

Getting your license gave you much happiness.  I remember the days after your passing, we were all feeling so sad and broken – that your brother had quietly claimed your driver’s license and Michigan ID. 

I knew then and know now that all he wanted was to hold on to your happiness – seeing you happy.  It was during those final weeks that you refused to let any of us hold on to a memory less than your vibrant, happy and fun self.  This included your brother, for whom you had the most desire to see happy. 

Amazingly you have challenged me to pursue the highest of all goals – happiness.    The end toward which all other ends lead.





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2 responses to “Happiness is a Driver’s License and More . . .

  1. Diane

    Wow – yes the highest of all goals – happiness. We all have something to learn from Jodi. Thanks again for sharing.

    Anxious to hear more about your class on happiness this weekend.



  2. Laura Spencer

    Another beautiful tear- jerker. Great job, Peg.

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