Kya’s Gift is Love

Dear Jodi,

I spent the afternoon with Deric’s family – his wife Kinsey and beautiful daughter Kya.  It  felt like yesterday, when 15 years ago, I decided to hire a college student for the summer to work in the business. 

Our relationship had nothing to do with “summer” employment – it was more about sharing our lives  with Deric – who quickly became part of our family.  And now, our love has expanded to include his family – and they too share a similar journey of life, love and loss. 

Although Kya is only ten months old, she will never meet her Aunt Katie.  In the same way that Lauren has never met you –  her cousin.  Kya will only know her mother’s younger sister through heartfelt spoken words, photographs or snuggled in that t-shirt quilt — all to keep her spirit like yours vibrantly alive for all to know. 




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