A Mother’s Birthday Wish is to Celebrate Each & Everyday

Dear Jodi,

I never thought how hard it would be to write to you today – my birthday.

My thoughts take me back to my birthday – 2004.  Here we are celebrating – so much more than your mother aging another year.  It was an evening of celebrations – you had traveled that week to Michigan for orientation, the scans showed no signs of cancer, we were all rejuvenated from our month at the shore and life was wonderful again.   You even designed a personal card – just for me .   .   .

July 16, 2004


Happy Birthday!  I know that you are approaching that time in your life where you no longer wish to celebrate your birth.  However, I believe we should not just celebrate our birth, but each and every day.  We should celebrate each new and wonderful day that is given to us.

I hope you continue to live each day to the fullest.  I am so very thankful to have you in my life.  Your unconditional love and support
has made you more than my mother, but my best friend.  I wish you all
the best today, tomorrow, and forever.  I love you!


In my fifty-second year, I intend to embrace your words and truly celebrate each and every day  .   .   .  thank you for your present! 




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One response to “A Mother’s Birthday Wish is to Celebrate Each & Everyday

  1. Laura Spencer

    Happy Birthday, Peg! My birthday is July 15th!
    Enjoy today and all your days!


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