“The time has come to allow your heart to guide you.”

Dear Jodi,

In a slight delicate rush, I broke open my fortune cookie in amazement to receive this message.  “The time has come to allow your heart to guide you.”

Immediately, my heart brought me back to you.  I had spoken that day with a friend, who had also lost her daughter to cancer.  We chatted about how different our lives are without our daughters.  MJ referenced how much “her” Katie guides her to find meaning.  And with Katie’s inspiration, she now helps mothers embrace when every day matters.

We spoke about “why” we believe every day matters.  And how we choose to allow ourselves to move  forward even after our greatest losses.  For some, the steps maybe too difficult or they simply choose to believe they can not.  

But I said, “why Jodi would be very angry with us if we did not allow ourselves to see the possibilities in what we can do.”

And in that next moment, MJ is telling me to speak and share our story — The Journey of Life, Love and Loss.  Before I could utter my response, she asked me “what would Jodi want you to do now?”

Very briefly, I thought and said, “she’d want me to share the message and allow my heart to guide me.”

And with that, I can and the message will inspire others.





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5 responses to ““The time has come to allow your heart to guide you.”

  1. Robbin Plouffe

    Hi Peg,

    Your blogs are always so moving and touching. This one especially spoke to me, as I am finally allowing my heart to guide me to start my own business and to be true to who I really am.

    Thank you for sharing and inspiring people to live life to the fullest!


    • Peg Calvario


      That’s wonderful! I believe it’s in the “allowing” that our heart really sings and we can dance.
      And you’re already taking the next steps for your new business.

      Thank you for your comment.


  2. Laura Spencer

    God Bless you, Peg through your journey.

  3. Beautiful, Peg. Thanks for sharing. Love your blog!

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