Every Day is Your Birthday

Dear Jodi,

Early this morning, I wished your father a “happy birthday.”  He quickly reminded me, “every day is your birthday, so celebrate every day.”

Six years ago, we were practicing our new mantra of “celebration.”  Remember our family celebrating “Dad’s Birthday” at Chat-a-While?   You were encouraging your father to “begin new” adventures in life — like his gift of cooking classes at the restaurant school.  While you were preparing for new beginnings — college life at Michigan and being cancer-free.

With a renewed spirit, you wanted him to be happy — again.

It’s been six birthdays without you — but tonight, we’ll celebrate at a casual restaurant to toast Dad’s 54th year and savour the sweets from his favorite banana birthday cake.  Just like we did August 4th, 2004.

Oh, those “new beginnings”  — your passing has led him to pursue his love for coaching football.  And in three weeks, he’ll be back onto the field with a new team to coach, train and mentor.  I think you’d be his biggest fan  .  .  .





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4 responses to “Every Day is Your Birthday

  1. Starla J. King

    Peg, this post particularly caught my attention (and heart). August is my birth month, and I just wrote a blog about my (late) sister’s birthday.

    It’s interesting that with someone’s death, we gain a reason to make another day each year an anniversary… the anniversary of a death and anniversary of a birth. And the more years that pass, the more the feelings around those two dates intertwine.

    I love that you’re actively doing things (and writing about them!!) to celebrate every day whether it be birthday, deathday, or inbetween. Because you’re right, Jodi’s right… every day is a day to celebrate. Just because. Or in spite of.

    btw, the picture of Jodi and her Dad has me mesmerized.

    • Peg Calvario

      It’s more amazing on this journey to discover how we are all more similar than different. You, too share a beautiful perspective on life, love and loss. Wishing you many celebrations especially during your birth month.

  2. Well, we over here in Bryn Mawr send Tom a birthday hug and remind him that he had and has a grief that not every father has had to endure. We wish he did not. I wish my husband did not have to endure that same suffering.

    How sweet father and daughter are in this picture buried within the heart’s stories to never be taken away.

    Tom’s a Leo, fire sign. My mother’s birthday is today, Peg. Little signs….They are meaningful, don’t you think?

    Keep coaching us. We need to hear from the beautiful Peg.

    • Peg Calvario

      Thank you for your words, wisdom and never ending compassion to find meaning. Sharing our grief with you and Dick helps us along the way.

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