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There’s a lot you can’t tell about a person just by looking at her, such as the number of times life has knocked her down or shattered her soul.  Yet sometimes she reveals the whole truth.  When you see her standing, you know she didn’t quit or crumble.

In July 2003, Peg’s daughter, Jodi, was diagnosed with an osteosarcoma, just six weeks after her high school graduation.  The next 18 months were an ultra marathon – a race to beat cancer and save Jodi’s life.  Though it was a race not won, Jodi inspired her family and friends to live these words with intention and hope: 

“Do not let what you can not do interfere with what you can do.”

And when you see Peg Calvario, who’s more likely to be running than standing, you know she came back stronger.  Described as an optimist even when faced with challenges, Peg embraces a REAL mindset.  She transforms the rather sad and ordinary moments of life into extrordinary and inspiring possibilities – creating REAL Impact.

Her new blog, Letters to Jodi will touch your heart and soul deeply with inspiration and inquiries of life, love and loss.  You’ll discover how Peg courageously honors her daughter’s legacy and shares the gifts she accepts along the way.

Personal Life Coaching

Peg Calvario offers a Personal Life Coaching program for individuals and families experiencing significant life transitions.  Through this specialty program, she can help you integrate a transitional event and recognize the potential catalyst for creating – or reinventing — the REAL Life you want.

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4 responses to “Author & Personal Coach

  1. Erica Springer

    I love reading about you and your successes. I am so proud of you! You have taken the basic principals that you instilled in PHC and matured them and grown with them. Very cool!

  2. Boy are we looking forward to all of those pictures from the Marathon, Peg Calvario. If you can’t get people up and moving no sense in anyone else trying because you do it the best way: showing it can be done.

    Here’s to the Pied Piper of Philly Land with her magic flute to coach our businesses to the next level!


  3. Hi Mrs. Calvario. My name is Jen Sparacio Lebo. My husband and I taught at Hill while Jodi was a student (we are now back and Scott is back teaching- I am a stay at home mom now with a photography business). I just wanted to tell you how your blog has touched me. Jodi was a tremendous presence. Scott and I adored her. She was a fighter, a lover of life, always smiling. Everyone wanted to be around her. We were in CO when she passed away and were so sad to hear. I just wanted to say how wonderful your blog is and how inspiring you are- just like Jodi.

    • Peg Calvario

      Your words led me to write today’s post. I am in awe of the many lives in which Jodi touched along her way.
      Your work as a photographer captures the essence of life! Continue to create beautiful memories.
      Thank you for connecting and would love to meet in person before the start of school.

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