“Do Not Fail to Do What Ought to Be Done”


“Do not fail to do what ought to be done, and do not do what ought not to be done.  Otherwise your burden of suffering will grow heavier.”  — The  Dhammapada

Thanks to the Happiness Project for the relevance and impact of this post.  For me it’s . . . “doing of what ought to be done” like attending The Hill graduation to honor the young woman who is awarded The Jodi Calvario’03 Award — although we don’t even know her, but in some way she is known to us in spirit.     And so, on a day filled with the paradox of life, doing what ought to be done transforms our sadness into joy. 

In the fall ’02, Jodi selected a similar quote for her senior yearbook page.   These words inspired family and friends to live with intention and hope —  “Do not let what you can not do interfere with what you can do.” 

What can you do to ease your burden of suffering?  Please share your comments or email peg.calvario[at]gmail[.com].


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